Artists' collective and retreat, Earthship in Goldendale, WA



I grew up in a sterile, all white, Stepford neighborhood in Redmond, Washington, feeling like a freak because I did not fit in. I studied ballet and sang along to my father’s folk music in polish, hungarian, russian. I never understood how to communicate with others because when I spoke from my heart, I was laughed at. At the age of twelve, the other children of the neighborhood outcast me. I went through middle school feeling isolated, worthless, and extremely depressed. That depression consumed me until just a few years ago, when I realized what it is to become awakened.


I still don’t fit in. But now I understand why.


I now see that it is not me who is crazy, but rather it is society that is severely ailing. The powerful are making it nearly impossible for creative, thinking people to exist. Not only is it becoming increasingly impossible to live financially, but the superficiality and hypocrisy and indifference is draining our souls. Individuals who think for themselves and speak the truth are neither accepted nor tolerated, not unless they happened to be born into a family that is rich. Even then, they are labeled as eccentric or crazy. Often by their own family members.




I seek to create a safe haven for intelligent, creative individuals who are passionate about nature, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom to live and work as they desire. We will be a community of artisans, craftspeople, farmers, and healers. We will exchange heartfelt dialogue, honesty, and help each other survive this greed infested world. We will travel and learn from Earthship and other communities. We will seek out others with the same values and begin a new way of Life.


We will work collectively to build an Earthship with a large common area and multiple living quarters. We will build work studios and grow food. We will raise chickens and goats. Those who participate in the construction will gain rights to live and work in this sustainable community. Some will live there full-time. Some will use the space as a retreat.



The photo above was taken from the middle of the plot looking west. 


Goldendale is located south of the Yakima Reservation, and about 20 minutes north of the Columbia River. Portland is about a two hour drive, and Seattle is about three hours away. The area is stunning, from the golden wheat fields to the green of the pines and scrub oaks to the clear blue skies- it is a painter's dream. When there is snow in the surrounding mountains, the view is breathtaking.


Outdoor activities include: hiking, hunting, mountain biking, freshwater fishing, and windsurfing. Nearby is Brooks Memorial State Park.  Goldendale is also surrounded by wineries. To the south, they dot both the Washington and Oregon sides of the Columbia River. Many more are located to the north, from Toppenish to Prosser, and further east to the tri-cities.


About ten minutes away is an fabulous Greek bakery:  The pita bread, cheese, and all pastries are very fresh- I've yet to find a better gyros in all of Seattle.